Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Claire's First Trip to the Zoo

Steve had to travel to St. Louis, MO for work over the weekend. His boss gave him Monday off, so we decided to take Claire to the Saint Louis Zoo for the day. We had so much fun!

First stop was the Primate House. Claire loved the monkeys. It was very difficult to take pictures of them. Here's the best of the bunch.
This giraffe was up close and personal. I didn't get the picture taken until he was walking away. At any rate, Claire loved the giraffes too.
checking out the chimps
penguins (Again, it was difficult to take pictures indoors.)
The Butterfly Wing was one of Claire's favorite exhibits. Several of them landed on her. She loved it.
Norton Family Day at the zoo
The hippos were very active. They kept swimming right next to the windows.
"Isn't this wonderful?!"
riding the zoo train
Claire's momento from her first trip to the zoo
driving home
A giraffe and Veggie Tales - what more could a girl want?

We had a wonderful day together. Claire loved the animals. I think there will be many more trips to the zoo in our future.

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