Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Claire and I just simply could not wait until September (when Matt, Randi and Kenley will visit Oklahoma) to get our hands on Kenley. So last week we flew to Philly to see our newest girl.

Meeting Baby Kenley
Just beautiful!
Aunt Randi and Claire reading a book together
Claire showing Uncle Matt one of her favorite toys
The new McComber family - party of three!!!
Watching Veggie Tales with MiMi in the hotel room
Hitching a ride with PopPop
Claire loves her Uncle Matt
Claire LOVES Kenley. She thinks that Kenley is her baby. (In this picture both are being held by Randi's mom, Roxanna.)
kissing Kenley
We had a wonderful time in Pennsylvania. We went to Shady Maple Smorgasbord to eat breakfast one morning and saw some of the beautiful Amish country.
We were so glad we got to meet Baby Kenley and had a wonderful time with Uncle Matt, Aunt Randi, Baby Kenley, MiMi and PopPop. For more pictures from our trip, check out Uncle Matt's blog.

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