Friday, June 4, 2010


For those of you who know Claire, you know that she's only worn shoes a handful of times in her life. She doesn't like them. Perhaps I should clarify. She loves shoes. They're cute and make fun toys. She just hates wearing them. She doesn't like wearing socks either. One's toes are to be free to wiggle about and explore the Earth at will. She's like her mother in this way. And since I will wear flip flops year round, I decided to put a pair on Claire's feet today.
This was an adorable picture of her looking up at me and smiling, but she got distracted before I finished taking her picture. (I'm going to have to get a faster camera to keep up with this girl!) At least you can still see her smile.
To Claire's credit, she managed to keep these on for about half an hour. I put them on her feet, took a couple of pictures; and we walked out the door. Surprisingly, when we got to the store, she had not yet taken them off. As soon as I reached the first aisle of the store, I heard the first shoe drop. In order to avoid losing them, I took the other one off and tossed them in the bag. Claire never did take them off, but they're apparently still a little too big for her. So cute though!

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