Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love makes good impressions

"You can tell a lot about the state of a couple's relationship from the way they greet one another. You can see it in their expression and countenance, as well as how they speak to each other. It is even more obvious by their physical contact."

Today's Dare: Think of a specific way you'd like to greet your spouse today. Do it with a smile and with ethusiasm. Then determine to change your greeting to reflect your love for them.

Steve and I greet one another with a kiss and a hug and a smile every time we see each other. We also part with a hug, a kiss, a smile and an "I love you." So we had to spice it up a little to meet this dare. Steve greeted me with a dance. I greeted him with two clicks, a wink and a twirl. The point is that we love each other like crazy, and we're happy to see each other after any time apart.



It's funny how cute Amy is. We truly did do a good job of greeting each other in a special way today. We never let an opportunity pass to at least smile at each other. When passing we make it a point, no matter how busy we are, to acknowledge each other. That may be nothing more than a smile, but more often it's a kiss, a greeting or a quick makeout session!

Aside from the everyday greetings, this day really was special. Amy was especially enthusiastic, and when I delivered news over the phone that would usually get her down, she cheerfully exclaimed -- OKAY!

I love you babe! Thanks for doing the Love Dare with me!


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