Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am in love with my wife today more than ever. She is a wonderful Mother to Claire and a wondreful Wife for me. She takes care of every tiny detail, she is beautiful, brilliant, attentive, kind, patient, and thoughtful!

I appreciate everything that she does for our family every day.

This weekend was wonderful we spent some time in Houston, St. Louis, and Memphis! Claire took her first trip to the Zoo where she had a hopping good time (pics to follow soon).

Today Amy is going shopping, and pampering without Claire - I've taken the day off to take care of Claire and give Amy some time to take care of Amy. Hold her to this, ask her how it went - sometimes she forgets to take time for her - at the moment she catching up on her sleep but soon she will be painting the town red!

Look forward to a picture post from Claire's seven state tour in seven days coming soon!


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