Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Week

This week is turning out to be quite surprising, so I'll have to post in several parts.

The weekend before last, Steve, Claire and I flew to Tulsa to celebrate the July birthdays in my family. We have four - my Mom's, Shannon's, Aunt Fran's and mine. So much fun! I'll post pictures from the party in another post since most of the pictures from the party were taken with my new birthday present:
This is the Samsung TL220. This thing is so crazy! It takes pictures and movies and lets you edit them right on the camera. It has the front view screen so that you can see yourself when taking a self-portrait. It also gets Claire's attention easily. And it's fast - fast enough to capture Claire. It has really cool features too. For example, you can set it to take a picture only when everyone's eyes are open. (My dad's eyes are very sensitive to light. He has his eyes closed in most pictures. But we tried taking his picture with his eyes closed and couldn't do it. This thing is smart!) The videos it takes are amazing too. And it's all controlled by a touch screen with a series of menus, much like an iPhone. It's cooler than cool!

I'm still learning to use this new toy of mine. As soon as I figure it out, I'll post some new pics. Hopefully that will happen today or tomorrow.

Also, yesterday Steve and Claire bought me a new laptop! I love it! It's so fast and easy to use! It can handle all of my pictures and movies (something our old laptap could not do). I am so excited!

My family also chipped in on my camera and accessories for it, including an extra battery and an extra memory chip. I also got some Fiesta, a new apron, some money, some jewelry, a few knick knacks for my house and some clothes.

It's been a wonderful birthday so far, and I still have seven days left to celebrate! (In case you were counting, I've decided to go ahead and celebrate all of next weekend too. Why stop on my birthday?!)

Time to go learn how to use my fabulous new toy. Hopefully pictures will follow soon.

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