Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love is satisfied in God

“You need God every single day.  This is not a part-time proposition.  He alone can satisfy, even when all else fails you.  Every day you place expectations on your spouse.  Sometimes they meet them.  Sometimes they don’t.  But never will they be able to totally satisfy all the demands you ask of them – partly because some of your demands are unreasonable, partly because your mate is human.  God, however, is not.  And those who approach Him in utter dependence each day for the real needs in their life are the ones who find out just how dependable He is.  It’s time to stop expecting somebody or something else to keep you functioning and fulfilled on a non-stop basis.  Only God can do that as you learn to depend on Him.  He’s the only One in your life that can never change.  His faithfulness, His truth and His promises to His children will always remain.  That’s why you need to seek Him every day.  God is your everyday supply.  Of everything you need.”

Today’s Dare:  Be intentional today about making a time to pray and read your Bible.  Try reading a chapter out of Proverbs each day (there are 31 – a full month’s supply) or reading a chapter of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).  As you do, immerse yourself in the love and promises God has for you.  This will add to your growth as you walk with Him.

As I was growing up, my dad was self-employed and was the one who got up and made breakfast, packed lunches and helped all of us get out the door before he headed off to work.  While we sat down to eat breakfast each morning, my dad read us a chapter from Proverbs.  Then, just as we were heading out the door, he would have us put on the armor of God and would pray over us for the day.  He taught us to trust God for friendships, for help with a test, for healing, for favor, etc.  Dad made God very real to us.  He made sure that we knew that God was there with us and for us every day.  We could trust Him for anything and everything.

My dad was instilling wisdom into our hearts and minds.  He endeavored to teach us everything he could about how to live Godly lives.  My parents now have three children and three children-in-law who love God and strive to obey His commandments.  They have four beautiful granddaughters who are being raised by Christian parents and who are learning about the love and faithfulness of God.

God’s Word does make a difference in your life.  Reading from Proverbs every day does help you to grow in wisdom.  Reading the Gospels does give you insight into the heart and character of God.  In the Book of John, John called himself “the one Jesus loves.”  Jesus loved all of His disciples, but John understood the heart of the Savior.  He understood how much Jesus loves us, and he writes about that love in the Book of John.  I would encourage all of our blog readers to study the Book of John until you, too, understand that you are Jesus’ favorite.

Steve and I are teaching Claire about God every day.  We read to her from her devotional.  We pray together before meals.  We pray together at bedtime.  We pray for her if she gets hurt, etc.  God is as much a part of our lives and daily discussion as anything or any one else.  Steve and I are endeavoring to teach Claire to honor God, to trust God, to be thankful, to be dependent on Him.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!!

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