Monday, July 5, 2010

Fabulous Fourth!

We Nortons had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend. PopPop and MiMi came to visit on their way home from visiting Uncle Matt, Aunt Randi and Baby Kenley.

PopPop and MiMi brought Claire a baby. She was so excited! She loves Baby!
On Saturday, PopPop and Daddy took Claire to the splash park while MiMi and Mommy went shopping.
There were also ducks at the splash park. Claire loved them and chased them.
We woke Claire up last night to take her to see the fireworks. We sat in the back of Daddy's pickup and enjoyed the show.
Claire "ooed" and "ahhed" during the fireworks. She loved it!
Claire applauded at the end of the fireworks show. She can't wait until next year to see more!

Steve has today off as well, such is the fabulous life of a man who holds a management position v. a man who flies the line and works most holidays. So this afternoon we are going back to the splash park for an afternoon of family fun!

We also tried a new church yesterday, and we really liked it. We're going back next week and hope that we've found our new church home away from our church home.

We hope that you, too, had a fabulous Fourth!

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