Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"It's Rainy and Windy, and I'm Wearing a Helmet!"

Today was Tropical Storm Edouard Day in Houston. (Like many things in Houston, it bears a good, strong Mexican name.) It's funny, kind of like getting snow in areas where it usually doesn't snow. The whole city shut down. The news casters got ALL excited over what amounted to be nothing more than a long rain storm. (It wasn't even a good thunderstorm.) I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. The good news is that Amy's office closed; so she was able to stay home with me all day, which I really enjoyed. Since we were home I thought I would take the opportunity to provide an actual live-on-the-scene report of TS Edouard. Remember I find great humor in actual professional reporters who go out in hurricanes and give reports, so I thought I would put myself in their shoes to see what it's like.

For safety's sake, I tethered myself to the hot tub, which had a little more than 2000 lbs of water in it. I also decided to add an extra layer of safety that most reporters ignore. I added a helmet to protect my head from any flying debris. I am sure that I managed the risk properly, and so I ventured out. For your viewing pleasure, I present: Steve Norton reporting live from the backyard to give us an update on Tropical Storm Edouard.



Valerie said...

I'm dying here. Who needs those other reporters when you have trusty Steve, complete with his scooter helmet? And the tether line to the hot tub? Classic, I tell ya'. Let me guess, was Amy your trusty videographer?

Great work guys. I'll be looking forward to future weather installments...:)

Cherringtons said...

well if you ask me you should have totally been a weather man instead of a pilot. That was great!

LunarWorld said...

You are such a dork. I love the tether!