Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've been tagged

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I was tagged by the Dolan Family.

here are my quirks (if you can call them that).

1. I hate anything that resembles a flying stinging insect. I categorically refer to all of these creatures as 'Bees'. I don't care if it is a Hornet, Wasp, Honey Bee, Wood Wasp. None of this matters, I hate them. My Dad told me when I was little that Bees were created half by God and half by the devil because while they pollinate, they can also sting. I find that very funny in retrospect. I was only stung one time in my whole life, but I was like two and I remember it well. I was making mud pies, and the pain was so excruciating (probably due to my young age and low tolerance) that I have since had the greatest fear of anything Bee related.

2. I once swam on a Special Olympics swim team even though I technically do not qualify. When I was in High School I was volunteering as a Special Olympics swim coach. There was an opportunity at the Championship Meet to swim 'Unified Relays.' In these relays the coaches alternated with the athletes on a four leg relay. It was great fun, and I'll never forget those times.

3. When I was 19 I fell for Don Lapre's infomercials (remember him?). Ahh yes the tiny classified ad. Once all the crap came, I excitedly opened it. I promptly realized it looked like work and suddenly lost interest. I finally threw it all away during our move in 2005.

4. When I was a kid I auditioned to be in the movie Free Willy. Naturally it was for the lead role of that little brat 'Jesse'. When I watched the first movie I so could have seen myself kicking the garbage can out of anger, and it not coming off of its little bracket despite my efforts. This was the first and only movie I ever auditioned for, but it was quite fun.

5. I managed to cause what almost became an international incident between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While stationed with the Air Force in Saudi Arabia in 2000, I had sent some guys to pick up some Cluster Bombs from the cargo ramp. It was on a list of things to do, the Choleric side of me wanted the list complete. I missed the part where the said items to be picked up had not yet cleared the Kingdom's Customs Department. Oh the drama that ensued!

6. in the summer of 1999 I was hired to operate a speed boat. What a job! Every weekend I pulled water skiers, and knee boarders on Pineview Reservoir. The company I was working for liked me so much they kept me on in the winter to operate snowmobile tours. The especially funny part about that was that I had NEVER been on a snowmobile in my entire life. There was every intention to do a practice run, but we ran out of time before the first tour. So the day came and I loaded up a suburban with 6 snowmobiles in tow and headed up the mountain with nothing more than some pointers from my boss!

Okay now the part where I tag some other bloggers. Everyone I know on the blogosphere has been tagged except the Cherrington Family, and the CrazyCarlsons. It was fun to play this game. Thanks again to Valerie for tagging us, and coming soon fun from the wonderful city of St. Louis.

SPOILER ALERT: I have a picture of a mom on roller skates!! check back often.


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