Monday, August 11, 2008

Steve Here --

Sorry I've been away nearly a week, since my professional reporting gig I've been in high demand, not on the weather caster circuit, but too busy with work to blog. I don't know if anyone has been watching Wipeout, but I'm sad to say that the season of new episodes has come to an end. Even I will admit that it wasn't as funny as time went on, it had its moments. Luckily there is a new show on the horizon. Of course it will air on the Fox Network, and of course it has a fun name like

"Hole in the Wall"

Here is a preview of the Japanese version

I will enjoy watching this for probably three episodes. But I'm sure it will be great fun for those three episodes. I have to point out that my wife is VERY tolerant when she heard about this new wonderful addition to the US TV lineup, she just pretended to be excited with me. Props to her!

Here is a fun picture that came across the email
There is just so much humor in this photo, its like admiring a piece of artwork, you have to study it to really appreciate it. I am so thankful for the person who took the picture, what a great way to brighten everyone's day. I would love to wear clothes like this personally, but I'm afraid my wife who is the Quality Control Officer of my wardrobe and the manager of PFDASFPA (protocol for daily attire suitable for public appearance), would not approve. And while I can occasionally slip something past her, this would be very difficult indeed to slip past my wife and her visual capabilities.

There isn't much else going on in our lives, this Saturday we are planning on going to Forester Park in Saint Louis for the day. It is a great day trip location with easy transportation to and from the airport. We especially like their zoo. If we make it out there I will surely post some fun pictures.

I don't know if we have any Big Brother fans out there or not. Amy and I are new to BB, this only being our third season, but we are really enjoying this most dramatic season. I even called the Cable Company and swindled them out of 6 months of free Showtime (as an added bonus they have some great on demand movies) so we could watch the daily live feed, and let me tell you there was a BLOW UP on Saturday night, we were riveted to the television, it lasted over three hours, constant yelling and screaming and throwing things.

The funny thing about this season is these girls are just CONVINCED that Dan is America's Player. It is so funny Michelle is just determined to get to the bottom of this conspiracy theory. I won't let out any more secrets.

Have a great week, and I'll let you know when Fox airs its first episode of Hole in the Wall. And coming soon "The Best of Wipeout", and my personal favorite, "Fun With Skymall"

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