Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It Wouldn't Happen to Anyone Else

Picture it (as Sofia from the Golden Girls use to say {may Ms. Getty rest in peace}) July 29, 2008. Amy and Steve are hungry, what better place to go than our local Bennigans for the most delicious lunch special. They had a great deal going for a while, quite the selection for only $5 and that included the drink. Amy and I could both dine for $12. That fire sale suddenly came to an end one day, and now the only thing for $5 was their burgers. That's fine, they have delicious burgers, and we were excited to go partake.

Amy beat me to the restaurant by a couple of minutes and I was paying close attention to my GPS, as I had no clue where this particular location was. Suddenly my phone rang. Amy exclaims "Bennigans is closed and there are a whole bunch of people removing all the equipment from the building!" I tell her I will be there in a minute and we will find something close by. As I pull in the parking lot I realize to my shock that it does indeed appear that this location is no more. I quickly scout the area and see a "Bar and Grill" next door. It looks busy, a sure sign that the food must be good, so we drive over the the next parking lot.

On the way my phone rings and it is my favorite father-in-law. Because We Make Time I answer the phone and, I have to honestly say I don't remember what we were talking about, but I was into it. As I park the car and we make our way to the entrance a women in fishnet stalkings and a shirt that exposes her mid-section opens the door for us. I am suddenly overcome with a feeling of awareness. I'm still on the phone with Doyce, Amy and I find ourselves in a breezeway, and ahead looms very darkly tinted window/door. I think to myself, "Is it possible that this place is a place that perhaps an ordained minister should not be?" Remember I'm still on the phone, and at this point my end of the conversation has turned into some sort agreeing grunt every now and then to try not to be rude, but really I am focusing on the environment I have just brought my wife into.

As the door opens I rapidly look around to make sure that it is indeed mixed company, and that there are no poles or anything dastardly in the immediate area. To my temporary relief I do in fact see some young ladies enjoying what looks like a delicious lunch so I allow us to be escorted to a table. At this point I tell Doyce "I need to go, I will call you back later." The table Amy and I are seated at is very low to the ground, and our chairs are interesting to say the least, it looked a lot like this one, but much dirtier.

Once we settled into our interesting little chairs, and were handed a menu I took a moment to really look around the room and suddenly, and to my horror I saw it. "Amy is that a stage?", "Yes I think so!" "We have to get out of here!" and out we go. We had already ordered our beverages so I'm sure the waitress was quite offended that we left so suddenly, so if she should happen across our blog, "I am sorry."

We collectively decided the reason they were so busy and the reason for the mixed company was the very reason that we were there. Bennigans had suddenly closed and that was the only immediate alternative, although we found a delicious Dairy Queen right down the road and had a wholesome family friendly meal.

Later I called Doyce and explained the situation and why I was so distant during our conversation, he, as any good father-in-law would, found it outrageously hilarious that I would take his pure and wholesome daughter to such a place. Anyway on to the real news, its true; all Bennigans nationwide did in fact close their doors at midnight on July 29th of this year. Not only Bennigans but also Steak and Ale. We had started eating at Steak and Ale a little more often since our neighbor, the football star, conned us into buying one of those 'Discount Cards' to support the high school team. The Steak and Ale discount was buy-one-get-one, although I did not take into account the possibility that Steak and Ale might go out of business we did in fact get our money back out of the purchase of the card. Yeah another point for the consumer!

So it is, we will have to find another place that offers a great lunch at a great price. Do tell if you have any pointers, for now its Sam's Club, Whataburger, or home. Here is a fun video that came across the email. For your viewing pleasure, 'Those That Didn't Make the Olympics'

Have a great week!

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