Friday, September 12, 2008

Let The Fun Begin

Thank you to all for calling with concern for Amy and I. We are fine, although there was really no threat to life in our area, there will likely be a loss of power (I hope not, I need the DVR to keep up), and as a result we decided to have Amy take Maggie and leave on Thursday. I showed up to start flying yesterday and instant chaos ensued. Every time my assigned schedule changes it gets a letter assigned to it. The highest I have ever seen is H. That represented 8 changes in my schedule, as H is the 8th letter in the alphabet. This afternoon I was at P, hopefully I won't find out what happens if it gets to Z.

Anyway the authorities decided to close the airport and move all the airplanes that were flyable out of Houston. So I flew until midnight last night, took my crew home with me (as they all live father away than me), they gave us eight hours off (which represented about four - five hours of sleep). Then we showed up this morning to fly the last scheduled flight of the day. We then brought our airplane to Abilene, TX. So I will hold out here, I wish Amy was with me as I've got nothing to do for at least two days, but I'm safe and she is safe and that is all that is important.

Here is a funny news report clip of Geraldo Rivera getting pummeled by a wave this morning.

I'll keep you posted.

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