Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Still Alive

Sorry -- not to much blogging lately. Last night the power at our house (and only about 10 others in our neighborhood) came on so I stayed home, and Amy came home this morning. No Internet or phone at home but at least we can somewhat function.

Quick funny

Yesterday I was home for a couple hours cleaning up the yard and my sixty-something year old neighbor came over asking for charcoal fluid, he was so excited to finally have hot food, as he had driven about an hour to find charcoal. I ask why they haven't been using the (gas) stove. He remarks it takes electricity to turn it on. Oh dear. I inform him that he can put a match to it and turn on the gas, and it will light. He goes in and tries it, and then comes out praising Jesus. He then proceeds to tell some of our other neighbors who are equally as shocked. I don't understand -- but am glad I was able to be a blessing to them, the poor things.

Have a great day


Valerie said...

Okay, that is too funny. Man, we were lighting matches right and left on our gas stove when we had the big ice storm and lost power for 10 days. I had to heat my bath water on there even! I can't imagine people not being able to figure that out, especially the older folks!

LunarWorld said...

I'd be scared to blow myself up. Or at the very least, losing (what's left of) my eyebrows.

I have an electric stove, so I guess I'm safe. :)