Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Thursday

Well this week is going by dangerously fast. I have to leave on a trip this afternoon, so I am a little sad that I will be away from my bride for a few days. The good news is I return on Sunday afternoon (just in time for Big Brother 10 to air) and I don't have to leave again until the following Thursday, YEAH!!

Here is a fun fact, I am a swim coach, and evidently kind of a big deal, I'm even on the swim teams website. But let me be honest. I have been an instructor with the American Red Cross for a long time. And when I moved to Houston I was looking for a place to work occasionally just to keep my instructor ratings current. I really was only interested in teaching CPR courses and maybe the occasional swim lesson or lifeguard course. The woman in charge of the aquatics department at our nearby fitness center is a wonderful salesperson. When I walked out of the interview with her, I was signed on to do it all! As previously posted I still have a hard time saying no.

I loved working with the kids and did so faithfully for just over a year. When I got promoted at my real job, my schedule was too random to commit to anything with the swimmers so I have kind of fallen by the wayside. Its okay with me, but I kind of miss it; and hopefully sometime in the next 6 months or so I can get back in the game and start working with those kids again.

In other news, I promised an elaboration on "The Story of Us Part 4 -- Fast Forward". In this wonderful description of our third date my wife describes only part of the kissing scene. Here is what she says

When we got back to my apartment, we stood outside talking under the stars. Then he kissed me! It was amazing - tender and gentle and perfect.

She left out an interesting detail. I'm sure we all remember Maggie. Maggie is one of those dogs that can't keep her opinions to herself. When I come on the scene I remember not being allowed within three feet of Amy unless I was simultaneously petting Maggie. Anyway so it was, we had returned to Amy's apartment, Maggie heard us pull up and began her ferocious barking. Amy went inside to collect her and bring her outside. Maggie was on a leash in the lawn while I was saying my goodbye to Amy. When the time came for a kiss I made my move, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Maggie pooping. I guess my presence made her feel really relaxed, or she was expressing some sort of opinion, the third option and most likely is that she just had to go. Anyway as Paul Harvey would say ...and that's the rest of the story...

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