Wednesday, September 24, 2008

O Canada!

On our Tuesday drive, we went to Fort Kent, ME and crossed over into Canada. Where we crossed the border, Canada looks just like Maine, except that everything is in French. Here are a few pics:

Some funny road signs:
Translation: Pay attention to the children.

Translation: I'm still confused on this one. Does anyone have a clue what it says? At any rate, it's funny to see this on the side of the road. It appears every couple of miles or so.


LunarWorld said...

Isn't that "goodbye"? As in, you're leaving one small town for another?

As for the children one, doesn't it say "Beware of children crossing the street"?

Happily Ever After said...

Yes, aurevoir means goodbye. It's the one above it that we have no clue what it means.

The orange one means "pay attention to the children." It's the yellow one that we can't find a translation for.