Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still No News

I won't spend much time on the blog because there isn't much to report. Amy is still in Tulsa, and I am still in west Texas. Continental has suspended all operations in Houston until Monday now, so one more day at the Hilton for me, and at least one more day in Tulsa for Amy. I was listening to a conference call of Continental management for a while, and they are having a hard time with communication in the area, not to mention power and transportation. On top of all of that the city of Houston has issued a curfew so logistically it's really hard for them to get up and running at the moment.

I still haven't heard from anyone in our neighborhood about our house. I was reading some blog reports on the news stations website and it sounds like any damage in our area is sporadic and random. The winds at the Bush airport (five miles from our house) reached 120 miles per hour before the power went out early this morning which is pretty significant. There was a rumor for a while that the parking lot I use was flooded, but later it was confirmed that there was in fact no water in the parking lot and all is well.

If I get more info tomorrow I'll update you all, have a great Sunday!!


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