Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Are So Blessed

I cannot tell you all how fortunate Amy and I are, there will be time for details later. But please continue to pray for the residents of the Houston/Galveston area as many of them are still without power, running water, or ability to communicate. We are still without communication at home, even our cell phones don't work. But overall our neighborhood was very lucky. Tomorrow Amy and I are going to Maine, we will stay there all week and should have Internet at the hotel, we will post on all the goings on. Have a great day!


Dan said...

Yah, keep praying. Maybe the conservative base in this country will listen to your prayers and give you money to rebuild. They only help people who are like them or convert to their religion anyway.

Tom said...

Not to be lessen anyone's pain who lost anything, but why pray for them? Wasn't it God's will that flatten their home in the first place? Who are you or anyone else to go screwing up Gods plans by wishing for anything else?

Valerie said...

Maine? How fun! We went up there two summers ago to visit Doug's cousin and her family. Yum - lobster pounds! Are you mostly going to be around Portland or where? We went to Bar Harbor, a pretty popular little town in or by Acadia National Park -- gorgeous!

Eat some lobster for us! ;)