Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Perhaps You've Heard

Steve here -- Amy will be posting soon as I hear she has a very special announcement for all the world to hear. I would give a hint but I'm sure I'm not suppose to.

Back to the title "Perhaps You've Heard" It's my birthday month!! Yippee!! So this weekend we were celebrating in the great metropolis that is Tulsa, OK. I really do enjoy going there, it is very organized and an easy city to navigate. Most importantly a lot of Amy's family is there. While my actual Birthday is not until the end of the month I am a firm believer in kicking things off early. The actual celebration took place the last day of August so as to get the maximum benefit out of my birthday month.

We had a great time, and so did Maggie. She was thrilled to get to go. Here she is posing with her aunt Shannon.

On Sunday morning we watched Marcos Witt on the live feed from our church, he was amazing as usual. Then off to the races. Well not really, actually we went to the Tulsa Fairgrounds to watch horses being shown, some people would call it a horse show. But really it seemed most of the gallery consisted of people that were there to watch a specific horse being shown. That is why we were there. BIL Adam was showing his wonderful horse. I've never been to such an event before but really rather enjoyed it.
Our best picture at the poorly lit venue
And there she is, young Analise, our first Niece. She is being a good girl and modeling her Daddy's hat in this impromptu photo.
Despite my concerns about Hurricane Gustov and its potential to interfere with our flight path, we made it home okay. We weren't home for ten minutes and Maggie wanted something out of her pink carrier. So I obliged and opened the carrier. She promptly removed her toy bone, and inserted the Camel. We really need the dog psychiatrist on this one. She is either wanting Camel to go away, or (more likely) she wants camel with her on all future journeys. One really never knows with her. But she had to dig through her basket of toys for several minutes looking specifically for Camel.

After busily putting Camel in its place Maggie required an outing in the back yard. We arrived at the door to the said yard to see this. A gecko peaking! It is really a very cute photo and so glad we had the camera ready.

So perhaps you have also heard that the Rockettes are going on a national tour!!! yeah!!! (I like it because my wife likes it, that is one of the things that makes me such a great catch). Anyway in 2005 Amy and I went to NYC to see the Rockettes, this year they are coming to us. As American Express cardholders we were authorized to "pre-purchase" our tickets before they go on sale to the public.

Today was the first day the tickets were available, and I eagerly logged onto the website to learn that if I was a Gold or Platinum card member (we are currently big fans of the Blue Rewards Card) we could get preferred seating! What I don't want is any kind of credit card with an annual fee, but I want preferred seating, and thank God for the power of the Internet. I do a quick search and learn that to get the Gold Card preferred seating you simply enter the customer service number from the back of the Gold Card in the Promo Code box. I just happen to remember that my SIL Shannon ordered pizza this weekend with a Gold Card, so I phone her and ask for the number. For anyone who should want to know the number is 8003272177. While payment MUST be made with an American Express Card, it can be any type of card. Yippee floor seats at stage right, very exciting (for Amy of course)!!!

Coming up this week, an elaboration on "The Story of Us" series by myself, and a shopping cart police incident.

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